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Photo by:  Cathy Sackett

Photo by: Cathy Sackett



Evenings Blush



Note 3 to Current Cat from Future Cat

Note 3 to Current Cat

Note 3 to Current Cat

Note 3 to Current Cat from Future Cat

“Easy Peasy” is the norm.

There is no “other shoe”.

~ Future Cat

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Angel Beam


Angel Beam

Angel Beam – Photo by Cathy Sackett

The sky was so beautiful that day.

When I looked to this area of the grounds,

there was a beautiful, giant column of light stretching from the sky to the earth.

I hoped to capture the amazing sight so I snapped away.

This was one of several photos from that day.

I love the triangle of light above showing the rainbow of orbs below.

An amazing experience.

Sacred Space

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Note 2 From Future Cat



Note 2-to-current-Cat-from


Note to current Cat from future Cat:

You know that feeling you get when you are present…

trusting, knowing, laughing, connecting…

seeing the magic in everything as you watch life unfold around you in brilliant color?

More of that!!!

~ Future Cat





Wow…Absolutely beautiful Sweetheart!!! Thank you!

Gary Sackett

Looking closer
deepest glimmer of hope
belief in your eyes
floating into the cosmos
I take flight
fearless bouncing
off stars, reaching
particles that matter
in between the space
the time, I take
to love
seeing my reflection

~ For Cathy ~

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