28 Years – 1st Date ~ The Breakfast Club

Breakfast club



Can you believe it?

Spirit said “tonight will be SPECIAL”


There you are

Glowing brighter than the brightest star

Aura brilliant and beautiful

I LOVE YOU /  How can I

Stepping off of the dance floor

Time stands still – LITERALLY

You’re gone

Dancing, dancing, dancing


There you are

Would you like to dance?

Twirling, swirling, gliding, floating

I’ve got your number – “1”

Turn the other cheek

I’ve got your number – “1”…”1″

You’ve got mine

Next Day

Beach – Smyrna

Synchronicity after Synchronicity

Hall & Oates / Same concert / Bazillions of people

What are the chances

Snickers on my doorstep

1st date – Breakfast Club

Best movie ever

Don’t you forget about me


Fingers touching – swirls and twirls

No words

Electricity could light the world

I love you


Beyond the moon


Out the door

Compelled for more

Nothing like it

DESTINY written in the STARS

Love of a lifetime

Dare to ride the wave

Will you spend this lifetime with me?


Not one

Not two


The most amazing GIFT

26 this year

Our love created the space for him to enter – BEAR

Here we are

More love than I can fathom

Beyond words


To the moon and back

Don’t you forget about me … PRECIOUS

Happy Anniversary My Love!


We’re all pretty bizarre.  Some of us are just better at hiding it.  That’s all.  

~ The Breakfast Club





3 thoughts on “28 Years – 1st Date ~ The Breakfast Club

  1. shaking…stuttering, you at my side, beauty, beyond, not the movie screen, I want to see you, feel the tiny hairs rise on your fingers, as I try, sly, in the darkness to touch you. Thank you Cat for this dance.


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