Bella Luna


…and now for something completely different.

I wrote this little fairy tale for a class I’m taking and thought I would share.

I’ve also recorded an MP3 to listen along while reading.

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Once within a time … there was a little moon named Bella Luna …
She was so happy shining away.
She realized that everywhere her light shone, she would see, hear and feel astonishing things.
She would see people, animals & places in all of their beauty.
She would hear them singing, crying, praying, loving, laughing, living.
When she shared this amazing experience with the planets, they would say
“ You’re just a little moon imagining things…isn’t that cute?”
As Bella grew, she saw, felt and experienced more and more.
She could swear that she saw and heard people and places recognizing her and starting to talk to her.
This was extraordinary.
Once again, she told the others,
“They are real, they actually see me too.”
This time the others told her…
“Oh…you’re growing up now, it’s not so cute any more. It’s time to set aside imaginary things and get serious.”
Bella continued to grow & became more & more full.
She could see more & more.
Feel more & more.
She could swear that even the great waters of this place would move & change, ebb & flow depending on where she put her attention.
This was truly wonderful.
She just had to share this.
Surely someone would believe her now.
So…she told the Sun.
The Sun was bedazzling. He would believe her. 
To Bella, the Sun was like a wise sage.
Always shining so brilliantly.
When Bella told the Sun, the Sun said,
“Oh my Bella. That is dangerous. You will get lost in those imaginings.
Those things, people and places you see will capture you, hold you, destroy you.
You are never to speak of these things again in my presence.”
And with that,
the Sun cast a great shadow over Bella
eclipsing her brilliance.
She was dappled-gray and felt that she would never shine again.
There was only darkness.
She no longer felt, saw or heard her beautiful friends.
She thought that maybe she had imagined everything after all.
She would just hang in the shadow forever and never speak of it again.
After what seemed like an eternity,
the powerful shadow started moving, moving, moving.
Bella began to be her new illuminated self.
Slowly, slowly, bit by bit, shining and glowing…
seeing, hearing, loving.
She kept it to herself this time.
It would be her little secret.
She began seeing more & more and noticed more & more seeing her back.
Honoring her.
She grew to be big, bold and full once again.
Finally it was time to unleash all of her
brilliant fullness
on the world.
She realized that
radiance was her true nature and that by just
“Being”, she was a gift.
She realized now that each has their own experience as
Spirit… each equally valid.
Her supreme luminosity would not exist without her friend, the Sun, sharing it’s gifts.
She realized that all that exists
stars, sun, moon, earth…
all that is seen and unseen,
all that is heard and felt are all
integral parts of the whole.
We could not have one without the other.
She glowed on in all of her radiant splendor –
And she lived happily….

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