Being Smart is a Total Spectrum of Behaviors

Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Thoughts for today by Bryant McGill.

What do you think?


Don’t allow people to control you with the consistency trap.

Consistency has been weaponized.

Don’t let consistency be used against your holistic being and full-spectrum intelligence.

You are not illogical. You are not stupid.

Being ‘smart’ is a total spectrum of behaviors;

it is about balance — not just intellect.

Your opinions matter, and you can even change them!

You can say things that are completely wrong and still be a part of a legitimate dialogue.

You are an amorphous being and can change

your views, opinions, ideas, and beliefs at will and as frequently as you desire.

You are allowed to be inconsistent, contradictory and unbound by conventions such as

sanity, intelligence or making sense.

When you reserve the right to total contradiction and utter hypocrisy,

you reserve the self-acceptance to be human.

~ Bryant McGill

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