Vulnerability Baby



 Vulnerability Baby

Recently, it was brought to my attention just how many ways I give my power over.

 I thought I “had this”.

I thought I had learned this hard lesson long ago.

Boy was I wrong.

Over the last few days, this lesson snuck up and bit me right on the “tuchus”.

Along with that “gorgeous” lesson, a string of others were trailing right along….

self-worth, seeking of approval, doubt in my god given abilities, yada, yada, yada….

At first, I was thrown into a deep tail spin.

Plummeting (I know…dramatic right?).

I was in “child” mode big time and just wanted to curl up in a ball (and I did)…couldn’t quit crying.

Just when I thought I was done, another layer of emotion would bubble up.

Again, I thought I was over all of this.  Right?

This was some deep, buried, stuffed away beauty just waiting for the right moment to crack wide open and shine.

Upon greater reflection, of course, I see and feel beyond the perceived layers of pain and disappointment.

What a huge gift.

How can I be fully present and shine brightly as my most authentic self if I have layers and layers of murky,

self-doubt filtering that radiance?

The keys…daring to be vulnerable, trust and surrender.

So…Thank you beautiful “lessons”.

Here’s to uncovering all of those amazing, deep, dark, “cob-webbie” corners of myself and letting whatever glowing brilliance that is there come bursting to the surface.

Luminosity baby!!!





6 thoughts on “Vulnerability Baby

  1. I have been through that phase, and find myself in those zones once in a while, even now. Your sharing will always remind me to shine through no matter how not-comfortable the lesson appears. Sometimes, I too just want to curl up and sleep away and not wake up at all. But I do wake up and look for the lessons and get on, knowing I am the better for the lesson. Thank you for sharing.


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